Ian (charlieblue) wrote,

If a solution can be provided: Deliver the solution at the customer's skill level

Sarah keeps calling me Rob. It might do me well to find some documented proof that I in fact existed before "The West Wing." It'll blow over, but until it does every time I say, "Yeah," I'd better be ready for "Okay, Rob," to issue forth from her. I guess I'm lucky that I think it's cute.
"Tom Clancy's Turbo Awesome Action Guys" is a gold-mine. I know it, Ubi Soft knows it. All I have to do now is kick back and wait for the royalties to roll in. Hrmm, maybe I should reconsider putting Tom Clancy in the title if I plan to reap the grosses.
LOTR: TT extended cut this Tuesday. I wiggle with excitement at the thought.
What else... life is kinda awesome right now, despite the bizarreness and complexity I've fallen victim to in the last few weeks. Cool.
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I'd bet money on me making it to B&N to get the TWW dvds before you get the TTT extended version.

And fuck yeah, I'm cute.

Does Jupiter House serve hot cider? Man, I could go for a hot cider right now.
No bet there. I have work at 8:00am that morning. I'll be lucky to get it before close :(
Cider? I do believe so.
You know what rocks? Michael Gondry's video collection on DVD. They also got Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham. I miss you. With gusto.