Ian (charlieblue) wrote,

Office Party Dynamo

"Due to Projected call volume from last year, we're asking everyone to come in on Friday."

Black Friday IV:
The Fridaying!
U u!!!! !!
! ! UU

My ASCII skills leave plenty to be desired, but that was supposed to be drippings underneath The Fridaying. So now to organize the ultimate time division. To work out a Marx Bros.-esque engagement, making myself available in 2 places at once: at my desk answering calls from desperate store operators whose isles will be stuffed to choking with consumer silliness VS. at my Dad's for an American Holiday Feast of conservative proportions.

Ah, well. There was good coconut pudding pie here today, and I get to wear street clothes on Friday.

Dude, that ASCII totally won't work when I click update.
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