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charlieblue's Journal

2 April
12 monkeys, ac dc, action figures, adult swim, alfred hitchcock, animation, beatles, billy the egomaniac, bob & doug mckenzie, boondock saints, brazil, bruce lee, catapults, charlie brown, chop sakis, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, coffee, comics, conan o'brien, concussions, converse all stars, dali, daredevil, david fincher, david lynch, denis leary, dick dale, diesel sweeties, dillinger four, dr. katz, dr.seuss, fight club, frank miller, garth ennis, ghost dog, goodfellas, grant morrison, green day, gta 3, guitars, hamell on trial, harold and maude, home movies, horror flicks, kids in the hall, killian's irish red, kung fu movies, leo kottke, life in hell, lotr, lou reed, lucky strikes, madman, mario twins, martin scorsese, mean streets, metroid, mike allred, mission hill, murder city devils, natchez shakers, newcastle ale, nintendo, nobodys, penny arcade, pete & pete, pete and pete, philip k. dick, phillips-head screwdrivers, photography, pinups, popeye, powers, preacher, pulp, pulp fiction, punisher, quentin tarrantino, ramones, raymond chandler, red dwarf, red rocket 7, reservoir dogs, riverboat gamblers, rock n' roll, rock'em sock'em robots, scud, sealab 2021, sega genesis, selby tigers, sex, simpsons, sin city, six string samurai, smashing pumpkins, sopranos, space ghost, sports night, stand-up comedy, star trek, star wars, strong bad, super love attack, tank girl, tattoos, taxi driver, terry gilliam, the breeders, the cars, the frogs, the pixies, the who, tom waits, toxic avenger, toy fare, trigun, troma, twin peaks, upright citizens brigade, vargas, video games, wes anderson, white ink, wizard, you damn kid, zombies